Jesus Aura Conscious
Sizes: 25 x 20cm, 40 x 30cm, 76 x 102cm

Jesus Aura Conscious – print on canvas

Available in: 25 x 20cm, 40 x 30cm, 76 x 102cm

Degard wondered what the Auric energy of
Jesus might look like. Degard used an image from the Salvatore Mundi
by Leonardo and The Light of the World by Rossetti as imagery for his facial features.
This incredible image would be wonderful in any room.
Incredibly jesus Christ is still considered a controversial person
and comes in as the third most controversial in the world (link to wiki series).

These vibrant prints on high quality cotton canvas come with thick box frames and are printed with the latest technology and inks Super easy to hang either with just one nail or a hanging kit available here. The prints also arrive with a certificate of authenticity to mark this has been sold to you direct from the artist Degard. A unique opportunity to purchase directly from the artist.

Choose a size and we will arrange the post and packaging.
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