About the Artist

About The Artist

DEGARD (RCA, FRSA) Painter of Auras

“My Art is intended to help people with their fears and anxieties; to help with the worries of our minds and its health, so the viewer can be lifted and enchanted and experience a spirit connection.”

How did it all begin? Degard had what she gently describes as ‘a bad childhood’. As a child she was very sad, which she hid from the outside world. However, she also had these incredible experiences, such as when she was 2, she had a visitation from The Virgin Mary, (despite knowing nothing about religion at the time) She also had purple monsters visiting her – ‘a bit scary’ she says!

These were very intimate experiences, something she was not experiencing in her dark home life.

Today, Degard still has these extraordinary experiences but today she hopes she can work with these visions, to brings a wonder and real hope into the lives of others with her Art.

Degard states “My art is filled, interlaced, woven with the energy of hope and life and a real magical fairyland. I infuse this energy of the ‘amazing’ into my art, to give to the viewer a real sense of hope from our day to day fears and anxieties, a real magical fairyland, real protection, enchantment and excitement.

What is an Aura Conscious?

The Aura is a conscious, living, garlanding, vortex of energy with colour which is involved in and around your body, the landscape, and our material world. We sense Aura as a presence, an instinct. When you have one of Degard’s works you have a little of the conscious aura of that person with you 🙂

Some people can see auras, all people feel them. Degard often sees touches of Aura, an Aura which is Conscious.

Degard’s practice interweaves between emergent scientific notions of consciousness, colour theories, contemporary visionary art, portraiture and still lifes. Her work is deeply political with the intention of bringing an essence of hope to humanity in these pioneering and deeply worrying times.

Degard has exhibited extensively: London, UK, New York, Oman. She hosts talks on Art, at the Royal Society of Arts where she is a Fellow. She is a committee member of The Colour Group, and a member of The Galileo Commission for the Scientific and Medical Network. She has curated Contemporary Visionary, Quintessence of Consciousness at The Royal College of Art which is now available digitally. She is working alongside Anxiety UK to bring art into mental health and also with NASA to bring art into space.